Silverscreen Sextet


The Silverscreen Sextet was put together in early 2017, and features a mix of Los Angeles and Bay area musicians. Our debut concert was an audio video performance called the Insidewalk.

The Insidewalk

The Insidewalk is an immersive audio-visual performance showcasing the historical spaces and contrasting cultures of Los Angeles. The show includes influences of LA's architectural structures, political movements, and overall cultural diversity. “The Insidewalk” was co produced by visual artist Tim Hix and composer Vijay Anderson. Anderson assembled The Silverscreen Sextet which consists of himself on drums, noted Bay area saxophonist/theorist Hafez Modirzadeh, along with four of Los Angeles's most iconic underground musicians: Bobby Bradford, Vinny Golia, Roberto Miranda, and William Roper. These Los Angeles musicians have been at the forefront of creative music on the West Coast for decades. The compositions by Anderson were arranged to feature the unique chemistry, personalities, and history of each of the musicians in the ensemble. The fulldome visuals were improvised live by Tim Hicks. Found footage, historical photos, and original 360 video displaying Los Angeles’ economic disparity without opinion. This show was presented on Martin Luther King day and was inspired by his message of peaceful protest and passive resistance. The music performed here was a tribute to the great legacy of underground creative music coming out of Los Angeles from the 1950’s till the present. The visuals gaze beneath the cosmetic facade of LA, illuminating the buried voices left behind by the mainstream media, the voices inside the sidewalk.

Produced by Tim Hicks and Vijay Anderson.

Performed live in Los Angeles on January 16, 2017.

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