As Leader

Hard-boild Wonderland cover
Hard-boiled Wonderland "Hard-boiled Wonderland"

Not Two Records - 2010

As Sideman

Absolute Horizon cover art
The Adam Lane Trio "Absolute Horizon"

NoBusiness Records NBCD 61, 2013

Comeuppance cover art
Lisa Mezzacappa's Bait & Switch "Comeuppance"

Not Two Records, 2013

The Long Walk cover art
The Bill Horvitz Expanded Band "The Long Walk"

Big Door Prize Music 212, 2013

Cover of Hell-bent in the Pacific
Vinny Golia, Marco Eneidi, Lisa Mezzacappa, Vijay Anderson "Hell-bent in the Pacific"

NoBusiness Records NBCD49, 2012

Sound Once cover
Go-Go Fightmaster: "Sound One"

Edgetone Records - 2009

Cover of Buffalo
Adam Lane Quartet featuring Vinny Golia and Paul Smoker: "Buffalo"

Cadence Jazz Records - 2007

Cover of Basement Bloodlines
Smith Dobson V: "Basement Bloodlines"

Evander Music 2007

Cover of Music Degree Zero
Adam Lane Trio featuring Vinny Golia: "Music Degree Zero"

CIMP - 2006

Cover of Zero Degree Music
Adam Lane Trio featuring Vinny Golia: "Zero Degree Music"

CIMP - 2005

Cover of New Magical Kingdom
Adam Lane´s Full Throttle Orchestra: "New Magical Kingdom"

Clean Feed Records - 2006

Cover of Baculum
Baculum: "My Friends Became Junkies"

3 Beads of Sweat - 2002

Cover of Now Music
Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra: "NO[W] MUSIC"

Cadence Jazz Records - 2001